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network administrator

network administrator
avesta sweden Posted By jean michel M

I'm looking to do some volunteer work in the computer field, but I don't dare to do anything too important, because I don't speak English too well, and very little in Swedish


avesta sweden


in Information Technology - Network Engineering

in Information Technology - Blockchain & Crypto

in Engineering & Manufacturing - Robotics & Automation (Industrial)

by malere



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I am of French origin, in residence for the beginning of the year at the Avesta coast, I am currently upgrading my skills in the field of 'network administrator', and am taking courses in French online, but live in Sweden. My project is to volunteer in the field of computer science, but with the English language for the time being, and am open to any proposal that would allow me to help you voluntarily in this field of activity. preferably in the vicinity of my place of residence; Avesta.
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