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Silent whisper massage by trina

Silent whisper massage by trina
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Hi ladies and gentlemen.. I am a masseuse, provide outcall and elite services to fulfill your utmost desires, it's a very relaxed therapy session in person.

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by Silent whisper by trina


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Am a sweet and down to earth person My goal is to ensure you are comfortable and satisfied; I can ensure you that a trial with us, will convince you to come for more. These are the services I offer for now; Aromatherapy massage,deep tissue massage and nuru massage. let me give you little details and you can email me for more details 1. The aromatherapy massage is mostly for people who suffer from insomnia(lack of sleep). 2.Deep tissue massage is mainly for people who have serious back/body pain, maybe you the type that goes to the Gym regularly, studies shows that a post workout massage will not only make you feel good, but it also reduces inflammation. 3. Nuru massage is a Japanese form of massage, its a sensual massage between partners using full body contact to relax the body and stimulate the mind. it's benefits are so numerous; I.e it reduces tension, it heightens erotic sensitivity; increase libido etc, calm a headache, blood circulation, relieve lower back pain, it increases flexibility, it improves posture and so many benefits.
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