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Full Stack Developer for Hire in UK or Remote

Full Stack Developer for Hire in UK or Remote
Brighton Posted By Dave S

Experienced Full Stack Developer looking for Freelance or Contract Jobs.



East Sussex


in Information Technology - Mobile & App Development

in Information Technology - Web Design & Development

in Information Technology - Architecture, Design & Consulting (IT)


£ Negotiable

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15 years + experience in Development roles. I enjoy working with both startups and established multi-nationals. Based in South of England and happy to travel, but preference is work from home and remote work. Key Skills involve Experienced in multiple front-end languages and libraries such as HTML/ CSS, JavaScript, XML & jQuery Deep knowledge of range of back-end languages including C#, Java, Python as well as expert in JavaScript frameworks of Angular & Node.js Highly skilled database expert for SQL & NoSQL architecture Message me for any work which meets my requirements
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