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Tourism Operator - Cairns

Tourism Operator - Cairns
Cairns Posted By RecAU A

Our esteemed client, a prominent tourism operator in Cairns, is seeking enthusiastic individuals to join their team as Full-Time Tourism Operators.


On-Site - Cairns


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Job Description
Are you passionate about showcasing the beauty of Cairns and providing unforgettable experiences to travelers? Our esteemed client, a prominent tourism operator in Cairns, is seeking enthusiastic individuals to join their team as Full-Time Tourism Operators. If you have a genuine love for the region and a desire to share its wonders with visitors from around the world, this is the perfect opportunity for you. As a Tourism Operator, you will play a vital role in creating memorable and enjoyable experiences for tourists. You will be responsible for organizing and guiding various tours and activities, ensuring that guests have a truly immersive and enjoyable time exploring the stunning landscapes and cultural attractions that Cairns has to offer. Responsibilities: 1. Tour Planning and Execution: You will be responsible for planning and organizing tours, taking into account customer preferences and interests. This includes creating itineraries, arranging transportation, coordinating activities, and ensuring a seamless experience for guests. 2. Guiding and Informing: As a Tourism Operator, you will serve as a knowledgeable guide, providing accurate and engaging information about the local attractions, landmarks, and cultural sites. You will share interesting stories and facts to enhance the guests' understanding and appreciation of the destination. 3. Customer Service: Delivering exceptional customer service is crucial in the tourism industry. You will warmly welcome and assist guests, ensuring their comfort and satisfaction throughout their journey. You will address any inquiries, concerns, or special requests promptly and professionally. 4. Safety and Risk Management: Guest safety is of utmost importance. You will conduct safety briefings and adhere to all relevant safety protocols during tours and activities. You will also be prepared to handle emergency situations and provide first aid if necessary. 5. Relationship Building: Building positive relationships with guests is key to fostering a memorable experience. You will engage with guests, creating a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. You will strive to exceed their expectations, leaving a lasting impression and encouraging positive reviews and recommendations. 6. Problem Solving: As a Tourism Operator, you will need to handle unexpected situations and challenges that may arise during tours. You should possess excellent problem-solving skills, being resourceful and adaptable to ensure a seamless experience for guests. 7. Administration and Record Keeping: You will maintain accurate records of bookings, guest information, and tour details. You may also be responsible for handling financial transactions, issuing tickets, and managing inventory or equipment. Skills and Requirements: - Passion for tourism and a deep knowledge of the local attractions, culture, and history of Cairns. - Excellent interpersonal and communication skills to interact with guests from diverse backgrounds and cultures. - Strong customer service skills with a friendly and approachable demeanor. - Ability to work independently and as part of a team, demonstrating flexibility and adaptability. - Strong organizational skills with the ability to manage multiple tasks and prioritize effectively. - Sound problem-solving skills and the ability to handle unexpected situations calmly and efficiently. - Knowledge of safety procedures and first aid certification is desirable. - Fluency in English is essential, and proficiency in other languages is advantageous. - A valid driver's license is often required for certain tour types. - Previous experience in tourism, hospitality, or customer service roles is beneficial. If you are a passionate individual who thrives on providing exceptional experiences and showcasing the wonders of Cairns to visitors, this is an incredible opportunity to join a leading tourism operator. Apply now with your updated resume, detailing your relevant experience, knowledge of the local area, and enthusiasm for the role. Be part of creating lasting memories for tourists in the breathtaking landscapes of Cairns.
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