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Ski Instructor

Ski Instructor
Edmonton Posted By RecCA C

Are you an experienced Ski Instructor seeking a Full-time opportunity in the beautiful city of Edmonton, Canada? We are thrilled to present a fantastic position as a Ski Instructor on behalf of our esteemed client.


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Job Description
Are you an experienced Ski Instructor seeking a Full-time opportunity in the beautiful city of Edmonton, Canada? We are thrilled to present a fantastic position as a Ski Instructor on behalf of our esteemed client. Join our team and share your passion for skiing while helping others learn and improve their skills on the slopes. As a Ski Instructor, you will be responsible for the following: 1. Instruction and Guidance: Provide ski instruction to individuals or groups of varying ages and skill levels. Develop lesson plans and tailor instruction to meet the needs and abilities of each student. Teach fundamental skiing techniques, safety protocols, and proper equipment usage. 2. Skill Development: Assess the skill level of students and provide feedback and guidance to help them improve their skiing abilities. Demonstrate and explain proper techniques for turning, stopping, and navigating different terrains. Help students build confidence and develop a love for skiing. 3. Safety Awareness: Ensure the safety of students at all times. Teach and reinforce safety guidelines, including proper use of ski equipment, understanding trail markings, and awareness of potential hazards. Monitor slopes and intervene when necessary to maintain a safe learning environment. 4. Lesson Planning and Organization: Plan and organize ski lessons, considering the needs and goals of the students. Create a structured and engaging learning environment that promotes skill development and enjoyment. Prepare teaching materials, such as visual aids and drills, to enhance the learning experience. 5. Communication and Customer Service: Effectively communicate with students and their parents/guardians, providing clear and concise instructions and feedback. Address any questions or concerns and ensure a positive and supportive atmosphere. Provide excellent customer service by delivering a high-quality experience that exceeds expectations. 6. Adaptability and Flexibility: Adapt teaching methods and strategies to accommodate different learning styles and abilities. Modify lessons based on weather conditions, student progress, and other factors. Stay up-to-date with industry trends and techniques to continuously improve teaching methods. 7. Equipment Maintenance: Ensure the proper maintenance and care of ski equipment. Inspect and adjust bindings, check ski condition, and report any issues to the appropriate personnel. Help students with equipment fitting and provide recommendations for appropriate gear based on their skill level. 8. Professionalism and Role Model: Serve as a positive role model for students, demonstrating professionalism, sportsmanship, and respect for others. Uphold the values and standards of our client's organization. Maintain a professional appearance and demeanor at all times. Requirements: - Certification: Possess a valid ski instructor certification from a recognized association or organization. - Experience: Proven experience as a Ski Instructor, preferably in a ski school or similar environment. - Skiing Skills: Exceptional skiing skills across various terrains and conditions. Expert knowledge of skiing techniques, equipment, and safety practices. - Teaching Ability: Strong instructional skills with the ability to effectively teach and communicate with students of all ages and skill levels. Patience, enthusiasm, and a genuine passion for teaching skiing. - Communication Skills: Excellent verbal communication and interpersonal skills. Ability to provide clear and constructive feedback to students. Ability to adapt communication style to different individuals and groups. - Customer Service: Strong customer service skills with a focus on creating a positive and enjoyable experience for students and their families. - Adaptability: Flexibility to work in a dynamic and changing environment. Ability to adapt teaching methods based on student needs and conditions. - Safety Consciousness: In-depth knowledge of ski safety guidelines and ability to enforce them. Ability to assess and manage risks on the slopes. - Organization: Strong organizational skills to plan and deliver lessons effectively. Ability to manage time and resources efficiently. - Physical Fitness: Good physical condition and stamina to ski for extended periods and demonstrate techniques. - Professionalism: Professional appearance and demeanor. Ability to represent our client's organization in a positive and professional manner. If you are a skilled and dedicated Ski Instructor with a passion for skiing and teaching, this is an excellent opportunity to join our client's team in Edmonton, Canada. Apply now and let your love for skiing inspire others on their journey to becoming confident and skilled skiers.
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