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Manufacturing Automation Engineer

Manufacturing Automation Engineer
Manchester Posted By RecUK U

Are you an experienced Manufacturing Automation Engineer seeking an exciting Full-Time opportunity in the vibrant city of Manchester, UK?


On-Site - Manchester


in Engineering & Manufacturing - Robotics & Automation (Industrial)

by RecUK


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Job Description
Are you an experienced Manufacturing Automation Engineer seeking an exciting Full-Time opportunity in the vibrant city of Manchester, UK? We are thrilled to partner with one of our prestigious clients, a leading manufacturing company, to present an exceptional career opportunity as a Manufacturing Automation Engineer. If you have a passion for innovation, a deep understanding of automation systems, and a drive to optimize manufacturing processes, this role is tailored for you. Our client is a renowned industry leader with a commitment to technological advancements and operational excellence. As a Manufacturing Automation Engineer, you will play a pivotal role in driving efficiency, improving productivity, and enhancing the overall performance of the manufacturing operations. Responsibilities: 1. Automation System Design: Collaborate with cross-functional teams to identify automation opportunities and design innovative solutions to streamline manufacturing processes. Develop system architecture, select appropriate technologies, and integrate automation equipment for optimal performance. 2. Programming and Integration: Develop and implement automation programs and scripts to control and monitor manufacturing equipment and systems. Integrate automation components with existing infrastructure, ensuring seamless communication and coordination. 3. Process Optimization: Analyze existing manufacturing processes, identify areas for improvement, and implement automation solutions to enhance efficiency, quality, and safety. Conduct feasibility studies and cost analyses to determine the viability of automation projects. 4. Equipment Maintenance and Troubleshooting: Oversee the maintenance, calibration, and troubleshooting of automation equipment. Collaborate with maintenance teams to ensure proper functioning and timely resolution of any technical issues. 5. Quality Control and Compliance: Implement quality control measures and ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations. Develop and enforce standard operating procedures (SOPs) to maintain consistency and adherence to quality guidelines. 6. Data Analysis and Reporting: Collect, analyze, and interpret manufacturing data to identify trends, patterns, and areas for improvement. Generate regular reports and performance metrics to track key performance indicators (KPIs) and provide insights to stakeholders. 7. Training and Support: Provide training and technical support to manufacturing teams on the operation and maintenance of automation systems. Conduct workshops and knowledge-sharing sessions to promote automation best practices. 8. Continuous Improvement: Stay updated with emerging automation technologies, industry trends, and best practices. Propose and implement continuous improvement initiatives to optimize automation processes and drive operational excellence. Skills and Requirements: - Automation Systems Expertise: Possess a deep understanding of automation technologies, including PLCs, SCADA systems, robotics, and industrial control systems. Proficiency in programming languages, such as ladder logic and C++, is highly desirable. - Manufacturing Knowledge: Demonstrate a solid understanding of manufacturing processes, workflows, and best practices. Familiarity with Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma methodologies is advantageous. - Technical Aptitude: Exhibit strong technical skills, including system design, programming, troubleshooting, and equipment maintenance. Proficiency in reading and interpreting technical drawings, schematics, and specifications. - Analytical Thinking: Display excellent problem-solving and analytical skills to identify process inefficiencies, devise innovative solutions, and make data-driven decisions. Experience in data analysis and statistical methods is beneficial. - Project Management: Ability to plan, organize, and execute automation projects within established timelines and budgets. Effectively manage project resources, stakeholders, and deliverables. - Communication and Collaboration: Excellent communication skills to effectively convey complex concepts and technical information to both technical and non-technical stakeholders. Collaborate seamlessly with cross-functional teams and external vendors. - Adaptability and Initiative: Thrive in a dynamic and fast-paced manufacturing environment. Demonstrate adaptability, flexibility, and a proactive approach to tackle challenges and drive continuous improvement. - Qualifications: A bachelor's degree in Engineering, Automation, or a related field is typically required. Relevant certifications in automation technologies are a plus. Join our client's dynamic manufacturing team and contribute to the advancement of automation technologies in the industry. This Full-Time role offers an exceptional opportunity to showcase your skills, grow your expertise, and make a significant impact on the organization's success.
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