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Factory & Warehouse Packers Wanted

Factory & Warehouse Packers Wanted
Auckland Posted By RecNZ N

Our leading client, a prominent manufacturing company in Auckland, is currently hiring dedicated individuals to join their team and contribute to their production processes.


On-Site - Auckland


in Engineering & Manufacturing - Industrial & Warehouse

by RecNZ


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Job Description
Are you seeking a rewarding full-time position as a Factory Worker in the bustling city of Auckland, New Zealand? Our leading client, a prominent manufacturing company, is currently hiring dedicated individuals to join their team and contribute to their production processes. If you are a hardworking and detail-oriented individual looking for stability and growth opportunities, this role is perfect for you. As a Factory Worker, your skills and responsibilities will include: Assembly and Production: Perform assembly tasks to manufacture products according to established standards and specifications. This may involve operating machinery, using hand tools, and following specific instructions to ensure accurate and efficient production. Quality Control: Conduct quality checks during the production process to ensure that products meet the required standards. Identify and report any defects or issues promptly to maintain high-quality output. Packaging and Labeling: Assist in the packaging and labeling of finished products for shipment or distribution. Follow guidelines to ensure proper packaging, labeling accuracy, and adherence to safety regulations. Equipment Operation and Maintenance: Operate manufacturing equipment safely and effectively, following operating procedures and safety guidelines. Perform routine maintenance tasks and report any malfunctions or maintenance needs to the appropriate personnel. Inventory Management: Assist in monitoring and maintaining inventory levels of raw materials and finished products. Collaborate with the team to ensure adequate stock levels, track usage, and report discrepancies or shortages. Workplace Safety: Adhere to safety protocols and practices at all times to maintain a safe work environment. Identify and report any potential safety hazards, follow safety guidelines, and actively participate in safety training and meetings. Collaboration and Communication: Work cooperatively with team members and supervisors to ensure smooth workflow and efficient production. Communicate any concerns, ideas, or suggestions to enhance productivity and operational efficiency. Continuous Improvement: Contribute to the company's continuous improvement initiatives by providing suggestions for process enhancements, waste reduction, and productivity optimization. Actively participate in training programs to enhance skills and knowledge. Time Management: Manage tasks and prioritize workload to meet production targets and deadlines. Demonstrate efficiency and flexibility to adapt to changing priorities and work demands. Compliance and Regulations: Comply with company policies, procedures, and regulatory requirements related to manufacturing, health, safety, and environmental standards. Requirements: Previous experience in a factory or manufacturing environment is preferred but not essential. Strong attention to detail and the ability to follow instructions accurately. Physical stamina and the ability to perform manual tasks, including lifting, bending, and standing for extended periods. Basic understanding of machinery operation and maintenance is an advantage. Good communication skills and the ability to work effectively in a team environment. Strong work ethic, reliability, and punctuality. Willingness to learn and adapt to new processes and procedures. Commitment to workplace safety and adherence to safety guidelines. Flexibility to work shifts, including evenings and weekends, depending on production schedules. If you are ready to embark on a fulfilling career as a Factory Worker in Auckland, New Zealand, we encourage you to apply for this full-time opportunity. Join our client's team and contribute to the production of quality products that make a difference. To apply, please submit your updated resume highlighting any relevant experience. We appreciate all applications; however, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for further assessment and interviews.
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