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Dairy Farming Worker

Dairy Farming Worker
ireland ireland Posted By KRISHNA BAHADUR S

Post of Dairy Farmer with a full-time position as a Milker/Dairy Farm Worker where can demonstrate my knowledge and skills, contribute to the company and become an asset to its development. Skills: Animal Care, Teamwork, Time management.

  • Milking.
  • Herd Management
  • Animal Husbandry

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in Agriculture & Conservation - Farming

in Agriculture & Conservation - Agriculture

in Agriculture & Conservation - Seasonal & Picking

by dairy farming


€15-16k Permanent

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Job Description
In my role as a dairy farm assistant, I have been responsible for a range of essential tasks to support the smooth operation of the farm. These include: Animal Care: Assisting with the daily care and management of dairy cows, ensuring their well-being and comfort. This includes feeding, watering, and monitoring their health and behavior. Milking Operations: Assisting with milking routines, operating milking equipment, and maintaining high standards of hygiene throughout the process. I am familiar with milking protocols and have experience in milking cows efficiently and safely. Herd Health: Observing and recognizing signs of illness or distress in cows, and promptly reporting any concerns to the farm manager or veterinarian. Administering medications and vaccinations as directed, and following proper biosecurity practices. Farm Maintenance: Assisting in the maintenance and cleanliness of the farm facilities, such as barns, pens, and milking parlors. This includes regular cleaning, bedding replacement, and ensuring appropriate ventilation. Equipment Operation: Operating and maintaining farm machinery and equipment, such as tractors, feed mixers, and power tools. I am proficient in performing routine maintenance tasks and am committed to ensuring their safe and efficient operation. Record-Keeping: Maintaining accurate records of milk production, herd health, and other relevant data using both manual and digital systems. I have experience in organizing and managing farm records effectively. Team Collaboration: Working closely with farm managers and other team members to accomplish daily tasks and achieve farm goals. I am a reliable and cooperative team player, always willing
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