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Warm Spiced Drinks with Dancing Indian Chef

Warm Spiced Drinks with Dancing Indian Chef
Remote Posted By Nistha T

A customized team-building experience perfect both for those who want to actively participate & those who only want to relax & watch.




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!Alcoholic and non-alcoholic versions available!! One of the most unique, fun and creative team-building events out there, with a blend of food styling, stories, spiced warm drinks & fun dancing. Ideal for hybrid and online team-building experiences. Fully interactive, catering to groups of up to 500 guests and beyond. Rated 5 stars by the teams of Amazon, LinkedIn, Airbnb & many others. Jazzy dance moves add an extra layer of fun & frolic to your team events. You can choose up to 3 drinks from: 1. Turmeric Latte – A golden drink hitting all the perfect notes of winter spices 2. Nuts Got Stained – A saffron hued dessert with the right hints of spices 3. Peanut-Coffee Celebration – Peanut butter, coffee and vanilla coming together to warm up your winter. 4. Beetroot Warmth – Coziness served in a red velvety warm latte 5. Mulled Wine – The perfect Christmas spiced booze 6. Mulled Apple Cider – The love of winter spices blending with delectable apples 7. Apple Pie in a Cup – A warm apple pie served in your cup 8. Spiced Hot Chocolate – Spicing up the chocolate is perfect for this season 9. Masala Chai – Aromatic tea infused with spices & ginger 10. Sunny Almonds – Almonds getting yellow with spices.

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