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Spice it up with Dancing Indian Chef

Spice it up with Dancing Indian Chef
Remote Posted By Nistha T

Fully customizable festive menu, ideal for hybrid team-building. Interactive cooking class with spice knowledge, food styling, and 5-star rated by top companies.




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Festive Menu of Food, Desserts, & Drinks is Available! All customizations are possible. If you don't see your preferred date and time available for booking, please ask. Ideal for hybrid & online team-building experiences. Fully interactive, catering to groups of up to 500 guests & beyond. This isn't just any regular cooking class—it's a unique team-building event offering spice knowledge, food styling, delicious recipes, refreshing drinks, & fun dancing. Our inclusive team-bonding events been rated 5-star by the teams of MIT, Amazon, Meta, LinkedIn & many others. Perfect both for those who want to actively participate and for those who only want to relax. Choose from: 1. Spice It Up: Every spice has a hidden secret that we'll unlock together. You'll learn how to best use the spice in your daily life, add & combine flavors, support your health, & get creative in using them. 2. Butter Masala: This super creamy & smooth curry comes with a perfectly tuned orchestra of flavors. 3. Quick Spicy Meal: Spice up rice, potatoes, yogurt, salad to make a soul-soothing quick meal. 4. Warm or Chilled Drinks, with alcoholic versions. 5. Delicious No-Bake Desserts. 6. Indian Whole-Wheat Bread with Flavored Yogurt. With this virtual team-building experience, you'll walk away with the skills to use these spices in unique ways & the confidence to experiment with them in your daily life.

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