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Language Learning Application- Moderator

Language Learning Application- Moderator
Remote Posted By Nebula S

Nebula Software Corp. are looking to develop relationships with educators or translators as they begin posting on our public language learning social platform.




in Education & Government - Language & Translation

in Education & Government - Transcription & Proofreading

in Creative - Blogging & Writing

Gig Budget

$25 Fixed Price

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Posting within language learning social platform. Posts can be as short as 10-15 words or as long as you'd like. These posts must provide an overall theme that is culturally driven with focus on language learning and teaching others about your country or culture. As you work with HeyPal™ over time, this rate can increase based on metrics such as user engagement and following. -Must have iPhone (Android version available Sept.) -Posts must be some combination of photos, voice notes, and text posts. Photos can be of anything you choose from pictures of your country to meals to anything more personal if you desire. -No requirement to personally communicate with anyone but we encourage some back and forth discussion within the language board to help people learn your native language -App is free to download and use - Pay is $25/week for 10 cultural/language learning focused posts

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